[hdt] HDT 0.3.4 is out

Erwan Velu erwan at seanodes.com
Fri Aug 21 13:35:59 PDT 2009

HDT 0.3.4 has just been released.

Since April, due to some important changes, HDT was no more in sync with 
Syslinux. The 0.3.4 release will solve that major issue and will be part 
of Syslinux-3.83-pre8.

Beside this syncing with Syslinux, this release aims at solving disk's 
detection bugs and improving the DMI reporting.

I would like to thank pam for that though work. He did most (who said 
all ? :o)) the work needed for making that release existing.

Here come the changelog of 0.3.4:

- Add SMBIOS Memory Module Support (CLI)
Add `show module <module_nb>' in the DMI module to display
SMBIOS 3.3.7 Memory Module Information (Type 6, Obsolete).

- Add SMBIOS Cache Information (Type 7) (CLI)
'dmi> show cache <cache nb>' to get information about CPU cache devices 
in the system.

- Add System Boot Information to System output (dmi) (CLI)
Output System Boot Information along System information, just like 
dmidecode does.

- Only output Firmware Revision when present (dmi) (CLI)

- Add SMBIOS System Configuration Options (Type 12) (CLI)
Add type 12, displayed in the system summary.

- Add SMBIOS System Reset (Type 23) (CLI)
Add type 23, displayed in the system summary.

- Add SMBIOS On Board Devices Information (Type 10) (CLI)
Add information about devices found on the baseboard. Note that this is 
displayed only if information about the baseboard itself can be 
retrieved via SMBIOS Type 2.

- Add SMBIOS OEM Strings (Type 11) (CLI)
'dmi> show oem' to get information about OEM specific strings.

- Add SMBIOS Hardware Security Information (Type 24) (CLI)
'dmi> show security' to get information about the system-wide hardware 
security settings.

- disklib
Re-implement the logic to parse extended partitions to correctly go 
through the linked list of partitions.

Updated the CLI in hdt and tested it both on Qemu (Debian Lenny 
installation) and on DELL E6400 (6 partitions).

Greetings goes to Gert for helping us pointing new bugs in that code.

- Make the menu and cli use the new disk interfaces

- Fixing one memory corruption that occurs on partitions' display
Thanks to Brian Hardbarger for reporting it.


Feel free to report any bugs/comments/ideas on HDT's mailing list:

Erwan & Pierre.

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