[hdt] Syslinux CLI access

Erwan Velu erwan.velu at free.fr
Mon May 4 00:42:50 PDT 2009

Dag Wieers a écrit :
> Hi,
Hey Dag,
> Working some more with the HDT command line interface, I noticed that 
> the help (on a 25 line console) wraps around the screen. So the start 
> of the help is missing.
> I was wondering if the help could not be better formatted for 80x25 in 
> a future release (maybe listing options comma-seperated instead of 
> newline seperated).
Good point again ;o)
I'm adding this for an incoming release.

I'm thinking about releasing a 0.3.3 with several cli fixes + the new 
memory dump from pierre.

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