[hdt] HDT 0.3.3 is out

Erwan erwan at seanodes.com
Tue May 5 12:52:58 PDT 2009

HDT 0.3.3 has just been released.

This release aims at solving some CLI bugs and adds a some new memory 
mapping detection.

I'd like to thanks Dag Wieers for reporting many CLI bugs & pierre for 
his work on the memory mapping.

Here come the changelog:

- A new memory mode
Memory items can be reached via the new "memory>" mode.

- Memory mapping display
Pierre did integrate the e820/e801/e88 memory mapping detection.
Under the cli, this adds some few more commands
memory> show e820
memory> show e801
memory> show e88

- Cursor is now blinking
Under the cli, it make the cursor more visible.
Note: This doesn't seems to work under Qemu

- Fixing backspace behavior
Under the cli, in some cases backspace key was mis-behaving.

- Cursor doesn't disappear anymore
In some cases, the cursor was disappearing, this is now fixed.

- Optimizing help display
The help display message was flooding the console. This version improves 
the screen management.

Download :

Feel free to report any bugs/comments/ideas on HDT's mailing list:

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