[hdt] The hardware detection tool for Syslinux

Erwan Velu erwan.velu at free.fr
Wed May 6 14:24:55 PDT 2009

Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Apr 2009, Erwan Velu wrote:
>>>   * On this particular system the Broadcom NICs have module: Unknown 
>>> even
>>>     though it loads the bnx2 driver fine so the modules.pcimap should
>>>  be ok
>> Could you please report the lspci -n of that board ? I can try 
>> reproducing it here to understand that bug.
> Ok, I finally got access to this machine again to make the required 
> lspci -n output ! Here it is:
That's pretty surprising.
Could you make a try with a modules.alias ? (modules_alias=modules.alias)

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