[hdt] HDT 0.3.5-pre1

J. Bakshi joydeep at infoservices.in
Thu Oct 29 02:09:39 PDT 2009

Erwan Velu wrote:
> J. Bakshi a écrit :
>> Yes, it needs 16 bit and I have tested here;  it is working :-) 
>> Thanks Kim.
> Cool, great news !
>> Though earlier I tried to exploit the native loopback feature of grub-2.
>>   I used
>> menuentry "HDT"
>> {
>> loopback loop (hd0,2)/hdt-0.3.5-pre1.img
>> linux16 /memdisk
>> initrd16 (loop)/hdt.c32  modules_pcimap=modules.pcimap
>> modules_alias=modules.alias pciids=pci.ids
>> }
>> It did not work.
> This syntax isn't valid for me. Memdisk can't boot hdt.c32 directly.
> HDT requires syslinux to be loaded as bootloader. That's why we do
> create ISO/floppy images.

One additional feedback which I got from grub2  list. hdt.c32  is
founded over syslinux. Hence calling hdt.c32 module directly from grub2
will never work until grub2 satisfy the required environment for the
module.  Hence not loopback but  booting the image with memdisk  is the
Thanks you all.  Now I have hdt in my tool-chain collection housed in my
pendrive which is powered by grub2 :-)  I don't need to boot a complete
linux distro to fireup lshw or other tool ; hdt is doing rocks

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