[hdt] [syslinux] [patch] ~420 seconds in cpu_detect

Erwan Velu erwanaliasr1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 12:29:39 PDT 2011

On 15/04/2011 22:19, Jim Cromie wrote:
> img didnt work for me, hung after ...ready
> using this cfg entry.  I havent yet looked at docs to figure out what
> part of entry Ive botched, hints welcome
>      LABEL HDT-0.5-beta3
>        MENU LABEL ^5 HDT-0.5-beta3
>        KERNEL hdt-0.5.0-beta3.img
>        APPEND console=ttyS0,115200n8 reboot=bios

.img file have to be loaded with memdisk.

KERNEL memdisk
INITRD hdt-0.5.0-beta3.img

> Vendor looks right, (no big delay either)
> x86_64 looks right,
> cache sizes still missing.
> Model ID disagrees with /proc/cpuinfo (dont know which is correct)

I'll have a look at that, can you tell me what Linux reports ? That will 
give the hint of what is correct ;o)
> THe other thing I noticed was a stray ']' before 'No;  in gPXE
> Detected: line below.
True. Thanks for the report. This is fixed.

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