[hdt] [syslinux] [HDT] New release 0.5.0-beta3

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Apr 18 08:35:37 PDT 2011

On Mon, 18 Apr 2011, Erwan Velu wrote:

>> That said, I have been testing this on several machines and have not
>> identified any real problems yet.
> Did you tried the dump code ? Is it useful for you ? What was your thoughts
> about it ?

At current customers we don't have PXE, so I haven't been trying the 
functionality, but it looks interesting. In the past we envisioned a tool 
that would compare it's configuration with a set of configurations stored 
somewhere, and if this configuration was not identical to one, alert.

The reasoning was that the vendor as responsible for shipping systems that 
conform to a predefined layout (both in HW configuration as addon PCI 
slots) to prevent problems caused by incompatibilities. I could imagine 
this functionality comes close, but also that customer did not allow PXE 
for installations (network teams identifying security problems with PXE).

Sigh, it's hard to reason with security theater.

>> It would also be nice if exiting HDT would go back to the state of syslinux
>> as it was, eg. if you started HDT from the menu, go back to the menu. I
>> don't know if that is feasible though (maybe just reloading the config).
>> Maybe syslinux needs a hook for this ?
> Hum, I don't really what's feasible at this time, maybe hpa can hightlight
> us on that. Peter any hint for me ?

Memtest reboots on ESC, within Qemu that looks as if syslinux is reloaded. 
But on real hardware a reboot is quite expensive, still :-/

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