[hdt] HDT & DMI

Gene Cumm gene.cumm at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 07:36:38 PST 2011

While playing with a recent machine I found that HDT was reporting
"OUT OF SPEC" on a few items on a very new machine.  Fumbling around,
I found that it came from com32/gpllib/dmi/.

I'm seeing two possible improvements:

1) When HDT sees that it's out of spec, report out of spec and when
appropriate, the raw data.  For example, for DMI 17 (Memory Module),
Type 18h (DDR3), report something like "OUT OF SPEC (18h)" or "OUT OF
SPEC (24)".

2) With regards to dmidecode, it appears Anton Arapov and Jean Delvare
have been talking about releasing 2.11, which should include updates
to SMBIOS spec version 2.7.0.  This would include updates necessary to
properly decode this data (which are already committed on their cvs).


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