[klibc] klibc insmod for recent kernels

Arnd Bergmann arnd@bergmann-dalldorf.de
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 01:55:24 +0100

On Monday 23 December 2002 13:50, Marco d'Itri wrote:
> I stripped down the insmod command from modules-init-tools for use with
> klibc.
> Rusty agreed to have this contributed to klibc.

Do you have any plans to convert the rest of the module-init-tools as 
well? I have already tried that last week when I created a version of 
module-init-tools 0.9.5 that compiles against either klibc or glibc 
as a compile time option. It just is not that polished.

Since the module-init-tools are still changing rapidly (at least 
compared to klibc), it would be nice to have the source 
exchangable. In order to get that, I only had to add implementations
for 'fgetc' and 'system' to klibc and change the module-init-tools
not to use 'fgets', 'syscall', 'fnmatch' and 'getopt_long' when
building with klibc. Those can be replaced by getline_wrapped,
_syscall[0-5], strcmp, getopt and a little autoconf magic (with 
some functional restrictions).

OTOH, forked versions of the tools can be somewhat smaller
and perhaps combined to a multi-call binary like the old modutils,
if desired.

	Arnd <><