[klibc] Problems with large cpio images

macpacheco macpacheco@terra.com.br
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 11:28:27 -0200

I've been trying to play with the initramfs stuff and I'm having 2

1 - How to load only the initramfs and use that as a root file system.
Linux seems to want another root all the time. I'd like to run
entirely from initramfs.

2 - If the archive is large I get a division by zero error. I
attempted to create a .cpio.gz archive with all klibc-0.70 files in it
and it crashes with a division by zero. If I remove enough files so
the .cpio.gz is smaller than about 32KB it works loads the image. But
then I'm back to issue #1.

Any help apreciated. I'm using 2.5.50 on an Athlon 600, 256MB Ram, Via

Was there any traffic in the last 2 weeks ?

Marcelo Pacheco