[klibc] [PATCH] Fix the build for utils/fstype.h

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Apr 28 16:39:04 PDT 2003

Russell King wrote:
> Since klibc was supposed to be part of the kernel tarball, there was
> absolutely no point in duplicating the filesystem data structures twice
> in the same tarball.
> However, since the future of klibc as part of the kernel tarball is
> looking uncertain, if it remains external, it would probably make sense
> to duplicate these structures.  ext3_fs is already an example where the
> current kernel tarball headers don't like being included.  I believe
> reiserfs was also an issue at one point as well.

Either way I don't think this is a high-priority item to fix.  We have
bigger fish to fry, especially getting ipconfig+nfsroot out of the
kernel ex post haste.


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