[klibc] Where are we at...

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Aug 18 16:52:46 PDT 2003

Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> I don't think anything has changed in the past few months.
> In summary:
>       * Standalone klibc builds fine against all recent kernels.
>       * I maintain a tree with klibc and some standalone tools
>         integrated into the 2.6 kernel build, at
>         http://klibc.bkbits.net/
>       * This tree is capable of mounting an initial filesystem
>         (including getting a DHCP lease and doing an NFS mount) from
>         initramfs, but initrd support hasn't migrated yet.
>       * People have twiddled the initramfs build a little within Linus's
>         2.5/2.6 kernel tree, but not in any interesting ways.
>       * All other progress has stalled due to lack of time on my part
>         and interest from others.  Every so often, someone pops up, says
>         "hey, this looks interesting", and then goes away again.
> At this point, I think it makes most sense to view really hammering
> early userspace into shape as something to do early in the 2.7 time
> frame, then perhaps considering a backport to 2.6 if anything useful
> falls out.
> Peter, I think you should bend Linus's ear in a few months about pulling
> klibc and early userspace into early 2.7 as they currently stand, and
> forcing people to carp, moan, and fix whatever corner cases actually
> break things for them.  Otherwise, it's going to remain a marginal
> project forever, for want of attention.

I agree.  I think it missed the 2.6 train, but that happens.


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