[klibc] suspend to disk & early userspace

Pavel Machek pavel at suse.cz
Mon Dec 1 00:40:36 PST 2003


> > I do not think any userspace is executed during resume. [Resume is
> > called as a late_initcall()]. Running userspace before resume would
> > mean we'd have to be more carefull and stop processes etc.
> Well, yes. The kernel could just fault though if there are any processes
> running, I wouldn't care ;-)
> Ideal for my application would be if it would allow some program to
> execute, and then resume once its finished (thereby allowing resume from
> a then-decrypted loop).
> Would resume handle modules being present (and used for IO!) during
> resume?

This is 2.7 material, and it is going to be pretty tricky -- need to
decide what may be done before calling resume and what may not.

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