[klibc] klibc insmod for recent kernels

H. Peter Anvin hpa@zytor.com
Fri, 03 Jan 2003 23:57:46 -0800

Rusty Russell wrote:
> If I were you, I'd cut down depmod to just the dependency parts, put
> that logic inside a cutdown modprobe (it takes about 0.5 seconds for
> 600 modules, so it's pretty quick), and offer that.  Put the modules
> in a flat directory (say, everything in /modules which ends in .ko is
> a module), and allow a .options file for each module, which if it
> exists, contains the insmod options.
> My guess is you'd end up around 250 lines of code (including both 64
> and 32-bit support), and you could drop modules in at random.
> If you're interested I could certainly write such a thing...

That would be great.  I don't personally think that the flat 
directory-ness is a huge requirement, but the rest would be a huge