[klibc] isspace() and other ctype.h functions

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Tue Nov 11 23:14:25 PST 2003

Hm, finally subscribed here, forgot to...

Anyway, I'm using klibc in udev and have added some needed functions
(like ftruncate and vsyslog).  Should I post the patches here before
commiting them to the cvs tree?

Also, it looks like ctype.h has a off-by-one bug.  isspace(' ') returns
0 right now, but if you change the function from:

__ctype_inline int isspace(int __c)
  return __ctypes[__c+1] & __ctype_space; */
__ctype_inline int isspace(int __c)
  return __ctypes[__c] & __ctype_space; */

things start working again :)

In looking at the __ctypes[] array, it is 0 based, so all of the +1
array changes in ctype.h should be removed.  Or am I missing something

I can also check in this change if no one minds.


greg k-h

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