[klibc] cpio archiving unpacking problem

John Zielinski grim at undead.cc
Sun Nov 30 04:38:35 PST 2003

Martin Hicks wrote:

>There seems to be problem in the cpio unpack in the kernel in
>initramfs.  I have an empty "/sys" directory in my cpio archive, but it
>never shows up in my extracted initramfs.
>I've confirmed that extracting the archive again with cpio results in a
>correct tree, but it doesn't appear on boot when extracted by the
>Any ideas?  

Yep.  The function name_to_dev_t in do_mounts.c creates and deletes a 
/sys directory to mount sysfs onto.  This function is called from 
prepare_namespace which is called from the init function.  It's also 
called from md_setup_drive.  Putting a single empty file in there should 
keep the directory from being deleted but still let the temporary mount 
of sysfs succeed.


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