[klibc] Early-userspace and swapping

John Zielinski grim at undead.cc
Sun Nov 30 04:57:36 PST 2003

I just recently posted a patch to the linux-kernel mailing list to move 
rootfs/initramfs from ramfs to tmpfs.  Now I'd like to test this out better.

Currently I'm only using initramfs to store data so I'm new the this 
klibc thing.   Tommorrow I'm going to try to get klibc working to run 
some programs in early-userspace.  From what I've read so far, i'll need 
a swapon utility that's compiled against klibc.  Does klibc have the 
swapon syscall?  If it doesn't how hard would it be for me to add it in?

I want to turn on swapping and create a file larger than my physical ram 
and see what happens...  :)


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