[klibc] Early-userspace and swapping

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Nov 30 12:12:54 PST 2003

Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
>>  I figure that with all these subsystems being planned to be put 
>>in initramfs it might me a good idea to have that memory swapped out 
>>since I've seen a lot of embedded systems with little ram but lots of HD 
> Actually, I wouldn't expect that to be necessary.  The most likely use
> of initramfs is to have just enough contents to make it possible to boot
> into a more normal userspace; we're not talking about more than a few
> hundred Kbytes.  The main things that belong there from a functionality
> standpoint are udev, dm, and kinit, and they don't amount to much.

Also, you're unlikely to have access to swap at that point.


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