[klibc] kbuild improvements for klibc

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Mon Oct 6 22:11:33 PDT 2003

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 12:05:43PM -0700, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> > 
> > I've pushed your changes back to the main BK repo.
> > 
> > (Peter, these changes are not relevant to klibc itself, just to the
> > integration of it into the 2.6 kbuild, so don't worry that there's
> > nothing to see in CVS.)
> > 
> Thanks... although that's a concern in itself.
> Unfortunately Larry has single-handedly managed to split the Linux
> kernel community into an A-team and a B-team.

Which makes CVS and BK users even ;-) Because they are not at
klibc.bkbits.net yet.

I will post patches to the list for all changes next time.


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