[klibc] problems with ipconfig command (no static config possible)

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Aug 15 13:45:43 PDT 2004

Dirk von Suchodoletz wrote:
> (I tried without "ip=" too, but no differences)
> I got a version from Olaf Hering of SuSE which at least was able to set 
> the IP number statically the way examples above. Unfortunately this 
> version does not honour the netmask settings :-( So I'm running into 
> trouble because the automatic setting of the 132.X.Y.Z delivers a class B 
> netmask (and not class C as required).
> Any ideas?

Sounds like a bug that needs to be fixed.  I'll look at it shortly.

A good way to debug klibc programs is to use strace; the sequence of 
system calls is usually quite clean.


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