[klibc] problems with ipconfig command (static config without interface configures "lo")

Dirk von Suchodoletz dirk at goe.net
Sun Aug 29 23:55:48 PDT 2004

Hi!! I just downloaded and tested the most recent version of klibc (170) 
... The problem of wrong interface configuration persists. If I do not
specify "ipconfig -c none $ip::eth0" ("::eth0" is needed for the ip= 
commandline entry made by PXElinux or ":eth0" for etherboot) the loopback 
interface is taken - which is not the optimal choice for LAN :-))

Any hints or should I stick to the line mentioned above and count the ":" 
for proper choice of line for either PXE or etherboot?



> > 2.6 has a broken SIOCGIFCONF ioctl, it does only return interfaces in UP
> > state. So the eth0 is not seen by ipconfig, and your ip= line contains
> > no interface. As a result, no config happens if the interface data are
> > specified manually.
> > 
> > this simple patch uses sysfs to find the available interfaces, it adds
> > only ethernet links.
> > 
> I don't think that's a good idea; after all, there *are* other legitimate boot
> targets (FDDI seems to have its own ARPHDR constant which is weird since it
> uses IEEE MAC addresses, but there is at least Arcnet and EUI64.)
> The logic the kernel uses is the following:
>                     (!(dev->flags & IFF_LOOPBACK) &&
>                      (dev->flags & (IFF_POINTOPOINT|IFF_BROADCAST)) &&
>                      strncmp(dev->name, "dummy", 5))) {
> The logic for the dummy device especially is kind of ugly but probably
> unavoidable; the dummy device is largely by design hard to distinguish from a
> real interface.
> Of course, if we do try to boot from it all that will happen is that we'll
> have wasted a few seconds.
> Opinion?
>        -hpa
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