[klibc] Problems with gzip+initramfs

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Feb 23 19:26:31 PST 2004

I am using stock Linux 2.6.3 with the one-line patch to prevent any
root file system from being mounted (when "root=0:0" is given).

I am encountering a problem similar to this one:


According to the grammar in
Documentation/early-userspace/buffer-format.txt, an initramfs is a
concatenated sequence of compressed and/or uncompressed CPIO archives.

Right now, I am creating my initramfs as a sequence of two
uncompressed archives, and I am passing it to the kernel with an
"initrd=..." option.  This works fine.

However, when I compress each CPIO archive before concatenating them,
I get a boot-time error message which reads "junk in gzipped archive".
The initial ramdisk is not created at all.

Has this been fixed in some branch of the kernel somewhere?  If not,
can I do anything to help fix it?


 - Pat

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