[klibc] need a few additions

Jon Smirl jonsmirl at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 26 11:41:52 PST 2004

I have my VBIOS reset program working on klibc now. I think I have tracked down
and fixed all of the problems I was having. So to make this official I need a
few minor klibc additions:

1) fix inb/w/l to return the right variable. 
2) implement getpagesize()
3) add support for vm86 - one function and one header file.

Later, if you're interested, we could modify the vm86 function to call the x86
emulator lib on non-X86 machines. This would make more x86 video cards usable on
these machines. It's 140K library so it would need to be optional.

You might want to move the structure definitions out of asm/vm86.h and into
sys/vm86.h. This would make it transparent when switching to the emulator.

Jon Smirl
jonsmirl at yahoo.com

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