[klibc] mmap and getpagesize

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Tue Jan 27 15:01:55 PST 2004

 On Sat, Jan 24, Jon Smirl wrote:

> The man page for mmap() says the size needs to be a multiple of getpagesize().
> So in my code I call getpagesize() and adjust my lengths accordingly. klibc
> doesn't have getpagesize() implemented. Is it safe to call mmap() with arbritary
> lengths and assume the mmap will round up for you? Does this work on glibc too?
> If so, I can just eliminate my getpagesize() code.

Why do you depend on PAGE_SIZE as a compiletime option? It does depend
on the used kernel .config on some architectures, like ia64. Current
klibc fails to compile because of that.

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