[klibc] CRIS port of klibc

Mikael Starvik mikael.starvik at axis.com
Fri Jul 2 08:39:59 PDT 2004

>Should this be changed to -e main?

Yes, that is correct. The -mlinux option removes leading underscores
from symbols.

>A few things... I am trying to get klibc to be "new BSD" clean, but 
>crisarith.c is GPL and copyright by the FSF.

>I'll see if I can produce a set of functions to replace this (shouldn't 
>be too difficult); I'll have to ask you for testing, though.

I can check with the author if he can accept a license change for
the code when used in klibc. Otherwise I would be happy to perform


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Mikael Starvik wrote:
>  # How to tell the linker main() is the entrypoint
>  EMAIN		:= -e _main

Should this be changed to -e main?


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