[klibc] klibc integrated in the kernel

hpa at zytor.com hpa at zytor.com
Fri Jul 23 17:08:18 PDT 2004

> This seem to be a good timing taking up the integration of klibc in the
> kernel again.
> Based one klibc-0.152 and klibc.bkbits.net/2.5-klibc I will take a shot of
> it.
> I will focus on getting the library compiled (should be pretty
> straighforward).
> Next two steps are:
> 2) Adding minimum applications to the kernel (if any)
> 3) Support applications outside the kernel

Linus has pretty clearly stated that for klibc to be integrated it needs
to provide actual functionality, i.e. kernel code has to be removed (this
should presumably be a separate set of patches in a patchset, but still.) 
The obvious candidates are ipconfig/nfsroot; I will spend some more time
getting the ipconfig/nfsroot klibc utilities to work properly -- I've
already done a fair bit of debugging, but I need a better test setup.

I think we're getting pretty close to where we need to be, so with kbuild
integration we should have something pretty soon.

> I will put my work on bkbits.net when I have something useable,
> and also post patches here.
> If anyone already working on this please say so, to avoid duplicate
> effort.

Other than the stale tree by Brian O'Sullivan, I don't think so.


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