[klibc] klibc integrated in the kernel

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Jul 24 14:47:39 PDT 2004

Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 23, 2004 at 04:08:18PM -0700, hpa at zytor.com wrote:
>>Linus has pretty clearly stated that for klibc to be integrated it needs
>>to provide actual functionality, i.e. kernel code has to be removed (this
>>should presumably be a separate set of patches in a patchset, but still.) 
>>The obvious candidates are ipconfig/nfsroot; I will spend some more time
>>getting the ipconfig/nfsroot klibc utilities to work properly -- I've
>>already done a fair bit of debugging, but I need a better test setup.
>>I think we're getting pretty close to where we need to be, so with kbuild
>>integration we should have something pretty soon.
> I had to add kinit & friends already now. So I have used the 0.152 versions.
> So far with following directory layout:
> usr/lib  <= klibc
> usr/kinit <= kinit
> usr/kinit/nfsmount
> 	nfsmount is built as an executable and a built-in.o file.
> usr/kinit/ipconfig
> 	Same comments as for nfsmount

Looks good to me.

> Are there any need for nfsmount.a (besides kinit)?

No, they're just for kinit.

> I do not include the tests in klibc/tests, and the MAkefile support are deleted.
> What about the include files?
> kernelsrc/include/klibc?
> - This is where users are used to find headers anyway.
> kernelsrc/usr/include?
> - To make is clear this is about early userspace

I really want to keep things in usr/, so usr/include is the right place.


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