[klibc] klibc & kbuild

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Thu Jul 29 02:49:46 PDT 2004

Hi Peter.

Today I managed to build both klibc and kinit using the
kernel build system (kbuild).

Main issue left are that the dependencies generated by the 
modified perl scripts are not processed correct.

For makeerrlist I need an option to tell it
to store dependency information in a given file:
makeerrlist -D file -errlist 
For the other two I need to think a bit more.

The perl scripts are alos overly verbose, Can an option be introduced
to kill this in the normal case? In the kbuild world
you would just use make V=1 if more info is needed.

This is secondary issues but needed for a reliable build system.
But other than the above it is fairly complete.

I need to review my changes before I commit them.

Also I need your comments on the following layout:

usr/lib	<= klibc (why not name the directory klibc ???)
usr/include <= we agreed on this already
usr/include/arch/i386/include <= ????

usr/kinit <= OK already
usr/kinit/nfsmount <= OK already
usr/kinit/ipconfig <= OK already

usr/lib/arch/i386/* is kept - except form the include part

I have tested it with and without using separate output directory,
so I expect it to be a few hours to make it work with external programs.

I plan to do put everything on linux-sam.bkbits.net/klibc
- One cset with the raw klibc files (thats why I ask for directory structure)
- One cset with my changes (patch can be obtained ffrom bkbits, 
  and I will send it to klibc mailing list)
- Followup changes to the build system, but not to the klibc files.
  My intent is to keep the build system in shape only.

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