[klibc] klibc integrated with the 2.5.8-rc2 kernel

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Fri Jul 30 03:22:42 PDT 2004

klibc integrated with the kernel can now be found at:

Se the repository: klibc.

For non-BK users the patches can be retreived using the following links:

klibc on top of 2.6.8-rc2:

kbuild adaptions to klibc:

todo to complete the job:
o better support for .o files in usr/klibc/arch/.../...
o syscalls.pl generates havesyscall.h in wrong directory when using O=
o all *.pl scrips shall have fixdep run after
  they generate dependency information
o delete kinit, nfsmount, ipconfig during make clean
o enable build of programs like building external modules
o Introduce the possibility to build programs as static or shared

Top priority is better support for .o files in arch/... to eneble
more architectures in the in-kernel version of klibc.

hpa: How do we proceed with this. I do _not_ want to track klibc
in my bk tree. But I want to finish off the kbuild integration over the
next few weeks.


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