[klibc] Re: klibc integrated with the 2.5.8-rc2 kernel

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fri Jul 30 14:28:14 PDT 2004

Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Given this a second thought after some sleep I have the follow plan:
> 1) Agree on file layout in the kernel, and what to add there
> 2) Mirror the layout in CVS klibc
> 3) Include kbuild files in klibc-CVS
> 4) Make a small script to copy CVS-klibc files to a kernel
> 	- This script will also patch the kernel as needed
> This would work for everybody.
> klibc user just get latest klic tarball and apply it to a fresh kernel.
> I just send hpa regular patches for CVS-klibc
> klibc-users yells if the kernel build breaks and I fix it

Sounds like a plan.

> When we aim for integration it is a diff on the kernel
> with klibc added.
> My patch touches only 4 files in the kernel, the rest are
> changes to klibc files.
> What I plan to do to avoid conflicts between kbuild changes and
> CVS-klibc:
> o The Makefile's will be called Kbuild
> o MCONFIG files in arch/$(ARCH)/... will be named Kbuild.config
>   if they requre tweaking
> o Makfile.inc in arch/$(ARCH)/... will be replaced by a Kbuild file
> o The build system in klibc-CVS will be tweaked to add additional
>   arguments to the perl scripts so the changes are compatible
> Does this look sensible?
> If we agree on this then lets go forward with 1) the directory layout.

Sounds good to me.


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