[klibc] Re: klibc structure in the kernel

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sat Jul 31 00:24:14 PDT 2004

> >So for include files we have:
> >usr/include/arch-i$(ARCH)/...	<= with no extra include dir
> >
> >You wrote usr/lib above, but the proposal was to go for usr/klibc.
> >What do you prefer here?
> >
> Make it usr/klibc.  I was thinking of an older proposal.  As you 
> probably can tell, I have no strong preference.


What about step 2) then:
2) Mirror the layout in CVS klibc

Is this something you will look into?
It's moving a few files and updating the path's in the MCONFIGs / Makefiles.

I will await an updated CVS-klibc before proceeding.


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