[klibc] klibc-0.130: s390, run-init

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Jun 8 20:49:55 PDT 2004

Olaf Hering wrote:
>>Your code doesn't clear out the initramfs at all (well, it does in the 
>>script, but it leaves a bunch of stuff in place); other than that, it does 
>>very little more: it does a bunch of safety checks to make sure it doesn't 
>>wipe a reap filesysttem, and it does the console redirection mainly so that 
>>all fds get opened O_RDWR.
> Hmm, that would be a real bug. Where do I leave files in initramfs?

On second look, it's just /dev and /run_init, but those things *are* left.

I did notice your code uses MS_MOVE instead of MS_BIND, though, which 
seems to be the right thing.

Anyway, I think packaging things up a little nicer is not a bad thing. 
My run-init program pretty much takes care of everything past line 320 
in your shell script.  (By the way, why not include the mem devices in 
the initramfs cpio ball?)


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