[klibc] CRIS port of klibc

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Jun 30 21:04:55 PDT 2004

Mikael Starvik wrote:
> klibc now runs on the CRIS archtitecture. The patch below is against
> 0.146. Most of the changes are trivial but the new files in libgcc 
> requires some comments.
> __negdi2.c: The CRIS port fallbacks to C-code for negdi2. The code in
> __negdi2.c is copied from libgcc2.c but with modified typenames.
> I would really appreciate if someone could check if it seams sane.
> crisarith.c: CRIS has no built-in division instruction so there
> are lots of C-code to implement Div and Mod. crisarith.c implements
> all this (copied from arith.c in libgcc). This file is only relevant
> for CRIS so maybe it should be in some other directory?
> /Mikael (Linux CRIS maintainer, not subscribed to klibc list)

It presumably should be in arch/cris, like the other architectures which 
need div and mod with non-libgcc-compatible naming (e.g. Alpha and SPARC.)

I'll make this change.


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