[klibc] ipconfig related question (do not get static IP setting)

Dirk von Suchodoletz dirk at goe.net
Fri May 28 17:36:12 PDT 2004

Hi!! I found your ipconfig stuff in the udev rpm in SuSE 9.1. I'm about to 
setup a initramfs (pretty cool - much better than initrd) to boot linux 
diskless clients over the net. All the tools I would need, seem to be 
there with ipconfig/nfsmount ...

I like to use the information I get from PXE/syslinux or Etherboot 
writing something like:
ip= (etherboot)
ip= (pxe/syslinux)

into kernel command line ... I checked the mailing list archive, but did 
not find additional information on the tools usage (checked the README
from Russell King (2002/10/22) / Bryan O'Sullivan) :-(

ipconfig -c dhcp -d eth0" or  "ipconfig -c any eth0" work pretty well.
It gets a dhcp reply and configures the interface correctly. But 
unfortunately our dhcp setup is more sophisticated. We run more than one 
dhcp server in a subnet - both linux and windows (completely independent). 
We distinguish clients and servers by vendor code identifiers and not 
simply by MAC. The clients could boot windows or linux alternatively ... 
Thatswhy I would like to use the fixed IP address assignment (via PXE
or Etherboot), but

or ipconfig 
or ipconfig -c none eth0
ipconfig -c none eth0
ipconfig eth0
or similar tests and tries does not succeed :-(

If you could give me a hint whats wrong with my commandlines!?

Thank you very much!! Dirk

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