[klibc] asprintf/vasprintf in stdlib.h

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu Oct 21 17:19:05 PDT 2004

Thayne Harbaugh wrote:
> I guess I was trying too hard.
> Does that mean you want another patch, then? :)

Nah.  Already made that change and checked in.

> FWIW, with the minor patches I just submitted (asprintf, syslog, system,
> elf), stock module-init-tools compiles with minor exceptions:
> getopt_long(): these calls can be removed or done with compat magic.
> fnmatch(): this is a bit of a pain and I haven't dealt with it very
> well.

OK, need to think about these.  getopt_long() might be reasonably easy to do.


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