[klibc] Query on Initramfs' and Initrd's coexistence

Rachita Kothiyal rachitako at in.ibm.com
Tue Apr 12 23:28:07 PDT 2005


Has anyone tried hands on getting initramfs working along with the
traditional initrd(for loading modules etc.) ?
I was trying to, but get stuck towards the end of linuxrc, where it is
mounting the real root device..
It works fine if I use the real_root_dev(hard coded) instead of /dev/root
in the following line in linuxrc:

>>>mount -o defaults --ro -t ext3 /dev/root /sysroot

But with using /dev/root in the above, I get the following error:
"mount: error 6 mounting ext3"

I suppose it is unable to resolve /dev/root as the real_root_dev..Any help
on this would be great..

Thanks in advance

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