[klibc] Re: [PATCH - RFC] Move initramfs configuration to "General setup"

Milton Miller miltonm at bga.com
Wed Aug 10 01:29:47 PDT 2005

On Aug 10, 2005, at 2:59 AM, Olaf Hering wrote:

>  On Wed, Aug 10, Milton Miller wrote:
>> The only dependancy on BLOCK_DEV_INITRD by initramfs is that you will
>> end up with a /initrd.data file locked in ramfs if you miss the
>> format.   do_mounts_initrd is needed only for the initrd* globals
>> at the top, those could be moved.
>> In short, its easy to remove the depenancy today, there is no magic
>> sharing of the major number as in the past.
> Yes, you are right. Only the arch code needs to be updated, removing 
> the
> #ifdef CONFIG_BLOCK_DEV_INITRD and make initrd passing unconditional.
Actually I meant to say that CONFIG_BLOCK_INIITRD today doesn't
really depend on CONFIG_BLOCK_DEV_RAM, although it is only useful
in that config if its contnts are initramfs.  (otherwise you end
up with  file in ramfs.  Actully, this might apply today with
noinitrd option).  That is an even quicker patch.


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