[klibc] Support JFS in fstype

Jeff Bailey jbailey at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 7 11:24:59 PST 2005

Le mardi 13 septembre 2005 à 17:57 -0400, Jeff Bailey a écrit : 
> Here's a patch to support JFS in fstype.
> Given that this runs as root, would you consider a patch to take the
> device as an argument rather than stdin?  I get really nervous that one
> of these days I'm going to > rather than <.
> But otherwise... =)  Tested against 1.0.14, but there's nothing in there
> that should keep it from applying against current git that I can see.

Ping on this?  It still doesn't seem to be in 1.1.3, although the patch
applies cleanly still.  It was used in the Breezy release, so is quite

Jeff Bailey

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