[klibc] Query on Using initramfs

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at ciphirelabs.com
Thu Feb 3 04:40:05 PST 2005

Hi Jeff,

in the wiki you wrote:
> This unpacking happens before do_basic_setup is called. This means
> that firmware files are available before in-kernel drivers load. 

is there any way to make the kernel execute do_basic_setup?
If I understand the source code right, hotplug is only started
after do_basic_setup.

Howevery for my laptop with an encrypted / partition, I'd like
to have hotplug events in the initramfs, so I can use a usb crypto
token for decrypting the key to the / filesystem.

Also I wonder - this is a bit unrelated -
In my experiments I had to disable hotplugging in the initramfs, and
later reenable it in the real boot scripts. The reason is the kernel
creates hotplug events for virtual consoles quite often (maybe for
every read and write?), which results in about 2000 hotplug events
for vc/0 on bootup. If I don't disable hotplug (i.e. /no/hotplug instead
of /sbin/hotplug), then as soon as the real init is started, about
2000 hotplug processes are started in parallel, causing instand OOM.
did you see anything like that in your experiments?



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