[klibc] Query regarding initramfs

Rachita Kothiyal rachitako at in.ibm.com
Mon Feb 14 02:24:31 PST 2005


I had some doubts regarding what all the init application should do:

>> so, that should that application do?
>>  - mount /dev/hda1 /new-root
>>  - cd /new-root
>>  - run-init
1. Of what I understand, before exitting, init should mount the realroot
and execute the init process.
    Is realroot the '/' or the empty directory created (in the cpio
archive) ?
    How should I go about it? Using pivot_root, chroot ...? Am  not very
clear with these.

2. At the time init(from initrmafs) is called, is there any file system


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