[klibc] Query regarding initramfs

Rachita Kothiyal rachitako at in.ibm.com
Tue Feb 22 05:22:48 PST 2005

Hi Andreas

I am now able to exec the real init on the real root.
But, I still have a problem:
While doing a reboot (from the system booted via initramfs), it stops
responding with the following messages on display:

Starting killall     OK
Turning off swap  OK
Turning off quotas  OK
Unmounting file systems

After doing a chdir(realroot),
I have used pivot_root(".", "dump-iniitramfs") in the run-init to change
the root to /newroot (this is the realroot).
Of what I understand, this shd mount /newroot as "/" and shd move the "/"
of the running process, which is the /initramfs to /dump-initramfs.
After this, I exec the real init. This too works fine.

I suspect the problem is with the 'dump-initramfs'. Even if I try doing a "
rm -rf /dump-initramfs " after the system comes up, it gives me an error
saying, "the device or resource is busy". Are there some processes still
accesing the old-root which is keeping it busy ?

Kindly tell me what I might be missing..Thanks in advance.
Am sending along the run-init.c ( have made my changes in this file itself)
and the initramfs cpio archive.


(See attached file: initramfs.cpio.gz)   (See attached file:
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