[klibc] content of initramfs CPIO archive

Andreas Bach Aaen (AH/TED) andreas.bach.aaen at ericsson.com
Thu Jan 27 07:25:58 PST 2005


I am compiling a tiny linux kernel 2.6.10 to be used together with linuxbios.
The boot phase will go as follows:
linuxbios->tiny linux kernel->initramfs

The initramfs shall use dhcp to get it's address and then tftp a full featured 
kernel. This kernel must be started through kexec.
I use a tweaked networkdriver in the kernel and cannot use a normal PXE boot.

Which files should I include in the initramfs CPIO archive?


How does the shared versions of ifconfig find klibc.so?

Has anyone portet a tftp client to klibc? -or shall I port the one from 

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