[klibc] mount options handling patch

Daniel Thaler daniel at dthaler.de
Wed Jun 1 12:40:53 PDT 2005

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Daniel Thaler wrote:
>> Jeff Bailey wrote:
>>> In other news, my postings to the list are still being moderated for 
>>> a "suspicious header", but it's not kind enough to tell me which one.
>> Are you signing your messages?
>> I've noticed that all signed messages I've sent arrived without the 
>> signature. On these messages the "klibc mailing list" footer looked 
>> like an attachement called "Part 1.x" in thunderbird.
>> All such messages were held for moderation.
> I *thought* I had fixed that...

I must admit that I disabled signing before you reduced the "paranoia 
level". I've also just noticed that Jeff's message contains HTML, so maybe 
that's the reason...

I'm signing this message; that should show wether signed w/o html works.

Daniel Thaler

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