[klibc] emu86 in klibc

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sat Mar 12 22:34:22 PST 2005

Jon Smirl wrote:
> Posting video cards usually require running x86 ROMs. This doesn't
> work to well when people plug x86 video cards into ia64 and ppc
> machines. People do this because the x86 versions are half the price
> of the OpenFirmware ones. Even x86 machines need to run the ROMs for
> secondary cards. I'm in the process of modifying fbdev to use hotplug
> events to run these ROMs.
> What about including emu86 support in non-x86 builds and vm86 on x86
> in klibc? The linux BIOS people have a 40K version of emu86 available.

There is nothing against building these on top of klibc, but I think I'd 
have to see some pretty compelling reason to add it *into* klibc.


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