[klibc] klibc and udev

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Aug 14 08:09:04 PDT 2006

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> In case people here don't follow the udev mailing list, udev seems to
> be quasi-dropping klibc support.  Well, see the forwarded message
> below.
> As I don't agree with the "omg udev is complex! use glibc!" rationale,
> I want klibc and udev to remain working with each other....
> Assuming some minor breakage in the near future, is klibc open to
> accepting patches for "basic C features", such as fnmatch and/or
> getopt_long?

Yes, but some care needs to be spent in avoiding bloating these 
features.  Just copying them out of another libc isn't likely to cut it.

What is definitely right out: regular expressions, locale support, 
thread support.  This isn't about reinventing uclibc.

As far as fgets() is concerned, adding buffered input is something I'm 
willing to consider if there is demand for it.  It's unfortunately a 
fair bit of code which affects all users of stdio, which is why I 
haven't actively added it.

fnmatch() I'm conflicted about, because it's really typically a thin 
wrapper around the regex engine.  If anyone can come up with a small 
implementation of it, though, I'm willing to take it.


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