[klibc] Add swap support to fstype, second version

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Feb 7 08:40:46 PST 2006

Kay Sievers wrote:
>>Looked at this from a technical perspective; one thing kinit needs is to 
>>be able to query the size of the filesystem from the data, as opposed 
>>from the block size.
> The size is just a value that is passed to the lib. The lib itself wants
> the volume size in bytes.

No, the point is that for kinit, size needs to be an *output*.

>>Something that also would be nice for using this 
>>code in kinit would be to break the filesystem and RAID probes out 
> The thing is that you usually don't want to return a fstype, if the
> volume is a raid member. Therefore a probe for a filesystem before
> looking for a raid can do pretty bad things. But sure, we can change
> anything that's reasonable.

Right, so call probe_for_raid(); before you call probe_for_fs();, if 
that's the behaviour you want.  The point was to separate them out, so 
that you can link only the fs probe if that's what you want.	


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