[klibc] kernel + klibc tree now, in theory, feature-complete

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Feb 7 09:39:36 PST 2006

I have updated and pushed the klibc-kernel tree.  "In theory" it should 
be a 1:1 replacement for any stock kernel, which kinit taking up the slack.

Anyway, I haven't yet removed any in-kernel functionality, but that's 
hopefully coming; the in-kernel functionality won't be executed in 
either case.



P.S. It's going to be important to move the standalone klibc to the same 
directory structure as the in-kernel klibc, i.e. klibc-renamed, and 
relatively soon.  It's too easy to confuse even the recursive git policy.

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