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Jeff Bailey jbailey at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 27 04:48:03 PST 2006

Le jeudi 26 janvier 2006 à 22:38 -0800, H. Peter Anvin a écrit :
> Aaron Griffin wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > I'm a bit of a lurker on this list, so don't mind me.
> > 
> > It appears that klibc-1.1.1 fails when 'cp-to-kernel'ed, using linux-2.6.15.
> > Is it possible to produce another 'Stable' version?  Call me a
> > stickler, but I just don't like using something of this grade when
> > marked 'Testing' or 'Unstable' by the developers themselves.
> > 
> I haven't heard too many reports recently either good or bad, so I'm 
> hesitant to label something "stable" without more info.
> I guess I should just give it up and say there haven't been many updates 
> recently.

FWIW, klibc 1.1.16 is being used to boot Ubuntu Dapper systems and has
been since the 16th of January.

The only patches that we have in our tree that aren't upstream now are:

1) Hack to cause 'make install' to install static versions on ia64
instead of shared.  (Shared segfaults at startup)

2) Patch to add squashfs detections to fstype.  Last I checked squashfs
wasn't in the kernel, so I haven't submitted it.

3) Some sparc path fixups that Maximilian wrote but hasn't sent (so I
haven't tested them).

With these three patches, we're running on i386, x86-64, ppc(32),
sparc(32), ia64, and parisc.

I would be inclined to declare this version stable for now.  I think in
practice any of us running klibc are tracking git and the changes have
been so far quite incremental after the kbuild switch.

Jeff Bailey

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