[klibc] inclusion of alias handling in klibc insmod

Vassilis Virvilis vasvir at iit.demokritos.gr
Sun Jan 29 02:03:49 PST 2006

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> Just curious if anyone has done anything similar, as I'd rather not
> reporduce work.  I'm going to put alias handling (and only alias
> handling) into a modified version of insmod.  The reason I'm doing
> this is to aid in boot time module loading via aliases exposed in
> sysfs.  Sure, I could include modprobe directly in the initramfs, but
> it's a bit large, and I really only need alias resolution, not the
> other parts of the syntax.
> Would anyone else be interested in this?  Please let me know.
> - Aaron
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I did this last year...

problems were fnmatch(), getopt_long(), index() and some
minor ELF stuff. I posted patches for all.

I used the simplified version of udev.
Bad news: no support for flags
Good news: modprobe does not uses flags

First version has a short cirquited version of getopt_long()
based on getopt() which simply ignores --long options.

problem is modprobe has functionality that is accesible only
through the long options.

Then I submitted a patch which was an actuall getopt_long() (BSD)
implementation without the GNUisms to save space but
it was rejected by the maintainer...


IRC the minor issues index() and ELF stuff was accepted from
back then.

In retrospect I regret the index() thing I pushed back then.
I should have pushed it to the modules-init maintainer instead,
but I was unable to reach him in a public mailing and I didn't
want to send him personal mail for something like:
*** please use strchr() instead of index()


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