[klibc] inclusion of alias handling in klibc insmod

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Sun Jan 29 11:19:59 PST 2006

Vassilis Virvilis wrote:
> problems were fnmatch(), getopt_long(), index() and some
> minor ELF stuff. I posted patches for all.
> fnmatch():
> I used the simplified version of udev.
> Bad news: no support for flags
> Good news: modprobe does not uses flags
> getopt_long():
> First version has a short cirquited version of getopt_long()
> based on getopt() which simply ignores --long options.
> problem is modprobe has functionality that is accesible only
> through the long options.
> Then I submitted a patch which was an actuall getopt_long() (BSD)
> implementation without the GNUisms to save space but
> it was rejected by the maintainer...
> http://www.zytor.com/pipermail/klibc/2005-May/001007.html
> IRC the minor issues index() and ELF stuff was accepted from
> back then.
> PS:
> In retrospect I regret the index() thing I pushed back then.
> I should have pushed it to the modules-init maintainer instead,
> but I was unable to reach him in a public mailing and I didn't
> want to send him personal mail for something like:
> *** please use strchr() instead of index()

I would like to pull out index() if at all possible, so if you could 
still push that at modules-init that would be good.  index() is one of 
the most namespace-polluting functions ever invented.

I should look at the fnmatch() and getopt_long() patch again... I can't 
remember why I rejected it, and that's a good sign I should really look 
at it again.


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